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Brief Details:

1.With its modular design, the color sorter machine range can handle multiple capacities. While a single module can be used to run small batch samples for lab analysis, from as low as 500 kg/hour up to 20 tonnes/hour.

2.The optical sorter can easily be switched between modes, programmed to sort different variants of rice and is capable of simultaneously rejecting grossly-visible defects, subtly-visible defects, and same-colour defects.

Product Details of Rice sorter machine

VTXM series color sorter machine choose a large number of world-class enterprises produced pixel linear array CCD light, electrical parts.Color sorting machine also equipped with a long life, good consistency of high-speed solenoid valve,stable and reliable work. rice sorting machine has high accuracy of the product color selection, especially for the rice which has small lesion in the finished rice and rice ditch skin particles has unique identification and removal capability.Flat slideway of the product,color sorting machine is also suitable for larger particles in the color selection.

Rice sorter machine manufacturer

Application of color sorter machine

Food materials
Rice, wheat, maize, soybean, peanut, Sunflower seeds, waltnut, almond, quinoa, salt, medlar, pistachio, Kidney bean, Chili, Red bean, others.

Mineral materials
Quartz stone, Quartz sand, Potassium feldspar, Barite, Calcite, Limestone, Pearl, Marble and others.

Plastic materials
Waste Plastics, Plastic pellet, Plastic pieces, Plastic granule, Plastic bottle cap flake, PET bottle scrap, ABS plastic flake, PP plastic scrap, Recycled plastic, others.

Rice color sorter machine priceRice color sorter machine price

Work principle of color sorting machine

Put the materials into the in-feed hopper of color sorter machine,it moves along the vibrating plate until flows on to a sloping chute, where it is individually checked at 360° and sorted by RGB Full color cameras.Depending on the signals received by the optical device, the color sorting machine’s software controls the pneumatic device, which physically separates the unwanted products out of the conforming ones, which naturally reach their discharging hopper. The rejected products are instead deviated by a jet of compressed air produced by the relevant ejector and discharged in the front side hopper. In automatic resort versions, the sorted or rejected product to be conveyed to another section of the rice sorting machine to undergo an identical process.

Rice sorter machine price

Technical parameter of color sorter machine
















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Working video of rice color sorter machine

Color sorter machine used in rice milling plant

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