small grading machine for paddy rice,grain grading

Brief Details:

1.Cheap price and high grading efficiency paddy rice grading machine,

2.The smallgrading machine is also applicable for the grading and sorting of other stuff granule.

3.The broken rice content can be adjusted according to customers different demands on the products.

4.Low noise, larger capacity, energy saving, reliable performance.

Product Details of Rice grading machine

VTP Series paddy rice grading machine is engineered for separating whole rice or broken rice by the size of rice, to get good rice for further process.Small grading machine in the rice classifying by the rice factory that features characteristics of cheap price ,durable quantity and high grading efficiency etc. Grain grading machinecan adjust the fragment ratio in light with difference requirements for the processed rice. Meanwhile, paddy rice grading machine also applicable in the grading classifying of other particle materials.

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Features of paddy rice grading machine

1.Small grading machine has wide range in rice milling production line, equipped with white rice grader to achieve more precision grading effect.

2 Grain grading machine could be applied for other grain grading, such as red rice, polished round-grained rice,long-shaped rice, fragrant rice and so on.

3.Muti-functional usage, both separate head rice from broken rice, and otherwise,paddy rice grading machine is also feasible.

4.Small grading machine isused for grading different grains though equipped different sieve drum with different density and hole diameters.

5.Compact structure, easy to operate and convenient to maintain, various models for your requireSuperior quality material fabricate to bring out smaller noise and long service life.

6.You can utilize in different rice milling workshop process to accomplish perfect rice milling combination.

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Technical Parameters of grain grading machine















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