Home use rice milling machine with small capacity exported to Africa

Brief Details:

1.Rice milling machine design for farmer and used in home,easy operate and with detail instruction.small capacity rice milling machine is suitable for farmer home use in the country.

2.Home use rice milling machine can mill the paddy directly into polished rice and separate the cracked rice, rough bran and fine bran in the same time.

Product Details of Home use rice mill

home use rice milling machine or paddy rice milling machine is an agricultural machine which used to automate the processing of removing the chaff (outer husks) of rice grains. Throughout history, there have been numerous techniques to hull rice. Traditionally, home use rice milling machine would be pounded using some form of mortar and pestle. An early simple home use rice milling machine to do this is a rice pounder. Later even more efficient machinery was developed to hull and polish rice.These rice milling machines are most widely developed and used throughout world.

The rice milling machine for home realizes the hulling purpose through press and twist force between a pair of rollers and by weight pressure. Iron rollers may be used to peel the chaff of paddy.and it is used in mini rice mill plant for small factory use.The hulled material mixture is separated into brown rice and rice husk by air force in the separating chamber of home use rice milling machine.

Home use rice millHome use rice mill

Features of home use rice milling machine

1.home use rice milling machine is mainly used paddy rice hulling,it can peel paddy into white rice.

2.Safe job.home use rice milling machine can normally work in full loading condition,no need to worry at overloading or long working time.

3.This rice milling machine for home can match with diesel or gasoline engine instead of electric motor if the electric power is unavailable.Especially this rice milling machine exported to Africa ,some of customer asked us to matched diesel or petrol .

4..Easy to operate.Start the rice milling machine,regulate the pressure handle.Rice will come out without chaff.

5.The home use rice milling machine color can be painted according to your needs.we also supply OEM service.

Home use rice mill

Home use rice mill

Technical parameters of home use rice milling machine








Rated rotary speed









video of  rice milling machine for home

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