As the world’s most popular staple food, rice is widely cultivated. However, paddy cannot be eaten in its raw form and needs to be processed. Rice mills are nowadays built with state-of-the-art technologies to yield excellent quality of rice-efficiently and with rich returns. A high degree of automation, as well as a smooth and simple process flow, ensures minimum wastage and maximum output. Multiple processes like Paddy’s Cleaning, Hulling, Whitening, Polishing are needed to be designed perfectly to give high returns on investment as well as tasty and flavorful rice for the consumers. Being the leading edge Rice Mill Consultants in China and abroad, Victor Rice Mill is in demand wherever expert consultancy is required in the field of Design of Rice Processing Plants.

overview of the rice milling plant:

Completely rice processing plant based on digesting and absorbing advanced technique at home and abroad. The whole set rice processing plant includes bucket elevator, combined separator and rice destoner machine, rubber roll paddy husker machine, paddy separator machine, jet-air rice polishing machine, rice grading machine, dust catcher and electric controller. It is formed by linear arrangement, vertical arrangement etc. Meanwhile, it also can be designed according to requirement of different user. From paddy cleaning to rice packing, the operation is automatically controlled.It applies to processing plants in urban and rural areas, farm, grain supply station, and granary and grain shop. It can process first-class rice.

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