This series of rice destoner machine is mainly used to separate stones from cleaned paddy, wheat and corn. Equipped with dual vibrating motors, it features high productivity, great grading and separation effect, low power consumption, low noise, no dust overflow and stable performance.

The rice destoner machine working principle is to separate grain and gravel by vibrating motion, adjusting air flow and adjusting the inclination of the screen surface. Grain is a granular body composed of particles of different particle sizes and specific gravity. When subjected to vibration or movement in a certain state, various kinds of particles are classified into different levels depending on their specific gravity, grain size, shape, and surface state.

When rice destoner machine works, the material continuously enters the middle of the stone screen from the feed hopper. Due to the vibration of the screen surface and the effect of gas flow through the material layer, the porosity between the particles is increased, the material is in a fluidized state, and the automatic classification is promoted. The gravel whose weight is lower than that of the major stone is in contact with the screen surface. Floating upward, under the influence of gravity, inertial force and continuous feeding, it slides to the exit of the net grain; while the stone with a large proportion slides on the surface of the stone screen under the action of the inertial force and airflow of the vibration system of the screen surface. Juishi District moved to the selected area. The selected room in the selected area was introduced by the fan into a stream of air. It was blown back along the arc-shaped channel toward the front of the screen surface, blowing a small amount of grains contained in the stone back into the crushed area, avoiding discharge with the stones.

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