This product is design for the customers who get used to moving processing and crushing in the same time  high efficiency food processing machinery combined rice huller s machine has the features of small size, easy operation, and smooth operation. It can crush the rice hull along with rice mill processing.  The special use can meet some specified area customers’ need.

diesel engine rice mill sb-50 sb-10 are a special equipment for rice processing. It’s suitable for small rice processing plant, rice supply center, farmers in developing country. This diesel engine rice milling machine is composed of feeding hopper, paddy huller, husk separator, rice mill and fan. The machine can continuously complete the processing of cleaning the paddy, hulling, winnowing and whitening. Husk, bran, brighted grains and white rice separate out of the machine.

Features for Engine diesel rice mill sb-50 and sb-10

1. Compact structure, small volume, light weight, and convenient operation.
2. High hulling rate, low rate of broken rice, and low rice temperature.
3. The rice that comes out from the machine is bright and sparkling.

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