paddy rice collection machine price,self-propelled grains collecting machine

Brief Details:

1.Easy to operate grain collection machine- nudge straight, automatic collection, cleaning, ascending, bagging.
2.Multipurpose farm machine,suitable for  rice, wheat, corn,brans,coffee beans and other grain seed.
3.High efficiency,Filling quantity can reach 7 tons per hour.

Product Details of Paddy rice collection machine

Self-propelled paddy rice collection machine is mainly used for collecting cereal crops after drying under sunshine,it can collect and bagging grain automatically, paddy rice collecting machine can collect paddy rice,corn,wheat ,sorghum,millet,grain,sesame ,rape seed etc,This grain collection machine is our patent product,it’s consist of power system, main steel frame, auto clutch transmission system,gear box system,spiral propeller collecting system and cleaning system. The main frame of the grains collecting machine is made by 20*40 regular tube steel to assure the stable working status. This paddy collection machine has advantages of easy operation,high efficiency, light weight,low fuel consumption and easy maintenance. This paddy rice grains collecting machine is a good helper for farmers.The max. productivity can reach 6-7 tons per hour for farmers in rural area.

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Features of paddy rice collection machine

1.Muftipurpose grain collection machine . it can  pack rice,corn,millet,sorghum,coffee bean, rapeseed, sesame, wheat and other granular crops.

2.Convenient using .Petrol driven paddy collection machine ,it can be used in the area which lacked of electricity.

3.High efficiency .The capacity can reach to 6000~7000kgs per hour.

4.Easy to operate – hands pushed machine, automatic collection, cleaning, lifting and bagging.

paddy rice collection machinepaddy rice collection and bagging machine

Technical Parameters of paddy rice collection machine









Power type

170F petrol engine

Transmission Type

Auto Clutch + Gear Box

Walking type

Self propelled

Collection width











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