automatic rice mill plant for sale factory price low cost fully automatic

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1.Automatic rice milling equipment capacity: 600~700kg/h

2.Fully automatic production line,small size and compact structure

3.Less power consumption, high efficient

4.Finished rice no paddy

Product Details of 40T/D automatic rice mill plant

This automatic rice mill plant is developed by our company which can produce high-quality rice, complete rice milling plant is an ideal equipment to produce Grade I Standards rice, Grade II Standards rice , special and fine cleaning rice. The family of devices with a compact structure, process performance is stable, reliable and durable, easy to install, low energy consumption, operation and maintenance easy and so on. this fully automatic rice mill plant is an ideal equipment for medium and large size rice processing factory and cereal company.

40T/D automatic rice mill plant

Features of automatic rice mill plant

1.Automatic rice milling plant is the process that helps in removal of hulls and bran`s from paddy grain to produce polished rice. compact structure, convenient operation, small occupation area, low power consumption, short manufacturing process, high work efficiency, reduce the cost of grain processing, complete rice milling plant is a comprehensive type of rice processing combined rice machine.

2.This fully automatic rice milling plant can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process. Automatci rice milling plant can produce rice continuously. And the capacity of the single machine and plant can be customized according to your special requirements. So complete rice mill plant is the most ideal paddy processing equipment for grain distributing station, the mountainous area, farm as well as self-employees.

3.This rice milling plant is combined with bucket elevators, vibration cleaner, de-stoner, husker, paddy separator,dust remove, it is practical and eco-friendly,complete rice milling line is good performance of impurities and stones removing.

4.Automatic rice mill plant is compact and reasonable. Automatic rice milling line is convenient to operate and maintain, saving workshop space,The installation can be based on steel framed operation platform or concrete flatbed according to customers requirepment.

5.The rice color sorting machine and packing machine are optional,we can match it according to your needs with factory price .

6.this price of this automatic rice mill plant is very low cost directly supplied by factory

40T/D automatic rice mill plant

Details of automatic rice milling plant


Paddy stoner 1 unit

Paddy huller  1 unit

Gravity separator 1 unit

Rice mill 3 units

Rice grader 1 unit

Elevator 6 units

Electrical control cabinet 1 unit

capacity: 1.5 tons~2 tons/h

Power required:86KW



video of full automatic rice mill plant


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