palayan rice Mill machine para sa sale pinakamahusay na presyo para sa paggiling dilaw bigas

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Our paddy rice mill machine is applied to separate white rice from brown rice and paddy.this paddy rice milling machine is matched with a blower that can blow off husked bran and chaff through pipe line.The paddy rice mill machine is designed for separate of paddy from the brown rice and paddy on the principle of density.

1.Mas mataas na kapasidad

2.Reduce breakage rate

3.Long service lifer robber roller

4.Awtomatikong pagpoproseso

Product Details of paddy rice mill machine

Ang aming palayan rice Mill machine ay inilapat sa hiwalay na puting bigas mula sa Brown bigas at palayan. ito palayan rice paggiling machine ay tugma sa isang bentilador na maaaring pumutok ang husked bran at ipa sa pamamagitan ng pipe linya. Ang palayan rice Mill machine ay dinisenyo para sa hiwalay na ng palayan mula sa Brown bigas at palayan sa prinsipyo ng kakapalan. ito palayan paggiling machine ay maaaring equipped sa iba pang mga kagamitan sa pagproseso ng bigas,Pagkatapos iproseso ,ang bigas ay maaaring ihiwalay sa 2 uri ,puting bigas at kayumanggi husk. Ito awtomatikong palayan rice Mill kagamitan ay dinisenyo para sa husking ng mga serye palayan sa pamamagitan ng kaugalian bilis ng goma maaaring proseso palayan bigas sa puting bigas. Ang palayan rice Mill makinarya na may goma pison at bakal pison. Goma pison maaaring alisan ng balat ang kayumanggi husk ng bigas ,at bakal pison sa alisan ng balat at puting bigas.

Work principle of paddy rice milling machine

The SB rice milling equipment is a kind of comprehensive equipment.Paddy goes into the paddy rice mill machine via vibrating screen(pag-alis
mga bato) and magnet unit(removing little piece of steel),and then pass through hulling room(remove the yellow husks), winnowing room, paggiling
silid(remove the brown chaff, and then become white rice).The paddy rice milling machine can complete all the processing works from paddy
paglilinis, hulling to milling rice.

Tampok ng palayan rice Mill machine

1.Mas mataas na kapasidad

We are using a unique feeding technique in our rice mill equipment,and the milling parts was made by rubber can improve the capacity of the rice milling machinery.

2.Reduce breakage rate
After testing ,the rubber roller can reduce the breakage rate of rice.make the rice whiter

3.Long service lifer robber roller

Double roller processing system to improve the service life of rice mill .The rubber roller can peel the brown skin and iron roller to peel and white rice.

Tow processing system,one passing rice mill.

4.Awtomatikong pagpoproseso

The rice feed in rice machine passing the rubber roller and get to iron roller .the rice and chaff was out in separate ways.

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